Equipment at WRIGHTCUT EDM

Wrightcut EDM uses some of the most up-to-date equipment available. From our Charmilles Technologies Wire EDM machine to milling on our Bridgeport mills. See the improved and expanded list of our equipment below:

Wire EDM Machines


Die and Mold components

High taper cutting

Production solutions

2 Charmilles Robofil 290

Taper Angles up to 30°

Hansvedt MV-10

Chmer Small Hole EDM

  • Programming

    DP Technology

    Espirit W.

    Draft V. 7.0

  • Band Saw


    Kalamazoo Cut off Saw

    DoAll Cut Off Saw

    DoAll Band Saw

    Grob Band Saw

  • Grinding

    Jig Grinding

    ID Grinding

    OD Grinding

    Surface Grinding

  • Heat Treat

    Ovens and Rockwell Tester

  • Inspection

    Equipped with PC Dmis

    Brown & Sharp CMM


    Gage Blocks and pins


    Height Gages

  • Milling Equipment at Wrightcut


    Up to 22” Y X 50” X 23” Z

    Tree Jurneyman CNC Mill

    5 Bridgeport Type Mills with Tooling

    VanNorman Mill with attachments

  • Turning

    Capacity up to 18 X 40 Inches

    2 Clausing 15 inch Lathes with tooling

    #3 Warner & Swasey

    Morey Turret Lathe

  • Jig Bore

    #1 Moore

    #2 Moore

    All with tooling

  • Welding

    Mig Welding

    Tig Welding

    Stick Welding

    AC/DC Welding